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PRO/DSL 3200 (Windows XP)

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File size: 2.85 (Mb)
License: Freeware
Downloaded: 733 Times!
Last updated: 11/25/2001
Release date:11/1/2001
Platform (OS): Windows XP
Minimum Requirements: n/a
Functional limitations: n/a

Download PRO/DSL 3200 (Windows XP)!

The installation process below is for new installs only. If you have already installed your modem using an earlier version of Windows®, please use the Intel PRO/DSL 3200 migrating installation instructions. Please download the software before migrating to Windows XP, and then upgrade your modem software after you have migrated to Windows XP. Print this instruction set before continuing with the installation process. If you do not own a printer, save these instructions to a file. Then, open the file to follow along as you complete these steps. click on "screen shot url"


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