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Business Tools : Communication Tools
SmartVizor Bill Statement Batch Printing Software
An advanced,stand alone,powerful and extremely easy to use printing tool that allows you to create templates with variable data by using a large variety of databases for Bill Statement Batch Printing Software. Details
Price: $4950.00 (US)
Updated: 1/31/2016
Rated: 0
Downloads: 33
Size: 45.34Mb
Business : Communication Tools
Serial Port Redirector
Connect a serial application to a remote TCP socket. This allows you to utilize modern hardware COM servers without changing your software or exchange data between a TCP/IP application and an old-fashioned program that doesn't support TCP/IP. Details
Price: $99.95 (US)
Updated: 7/27/2006
Rated: 0
Downloads: 114
Size: 0.83Mb
Business : Communication Tools
Network Serial Port Kit
Network Serial Port Kit allows you to connect any serial port devices over TCP/IP network or Internet. Program creates and connects up to 254 virtual serial ports at a time. Physical COM ports can be connected over the network as well. Details
Price: $199.95 (US)
Updated: 7/28/2006
Rated: 0
Downloads: 102
Size: 1.00Mb
Business : Communication Tools
Multi line / multi call TSP (TAPI) for SNOM phones. COMIRELs ActiPOINTsnomM delivers a TSP (TAPI Service Provider) for phones of the company SNOM. Initiate calls and ending them using TAPI capable apllications like Outlook (Lotus Notes). Details
Price: $0.00 (US)
Updated: 9/20/2006
Rated: 0
Downloads: 119
Size: 2.000Mb
Business : Communication Tools
COMIRELs ActiPOINToutlookD extends Outlook by the tlephony functionality of ActiPOINT. Under the concealed use of ActiPOINT calls can be initiated. Coming in calls are registered and callers will be identified. Details
Price: $0.01 (US)
Rated: 0
Downloads: 63
Size: 2.61Mb
Business Tools : Communication Tools
SMSCountry XL Box
SMS-XLbox seamlessly integrates with Microsoft® Excel® and enables you to send bulk SMS text messages to mobile phones across the world from your PC using Microsoft® Excel®. SMS text delivered in 182 countries across 489 networks. Details
Price: $0.00 (US)
Updated: 8/18/2005
Rated: 0
Downloads: 141
Size: 1.46Mb
Business : Communication Tools
LanInfo XP
Many companies ranging from small companies to large corporations found out that this software is exactly what they need. Details
Price: $6.95 (US)
Updated: 11/11/2005
Rated: 0
Downloads: 143
Size: 0.74Mb
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