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Desktop : Desktop Management
Lovely Folders
Gives your folders a pretty and unique look. More... Details
Price: $19.95 (US)
Updated: 11/26/2007
Rated: 0
Downloads: 230
Size: 2.92Mb
Desktop : Desktop Management
Actual Window Guard
Proven solutions, letting both professional and amateur users "rule" their desktop to increase productivity and manageability. Our Guard will settle special, convenient for you parameters for size, position and priority of any window before startup! Details
Price: $19.95 (US)
Updated: 7/11/2005
Rated: 0
Downloads: 129
Size: 1.60Mb
Desktop : Desktop Management
Virtual Desktops Manager: it enables you to work on various tasks simultaneously without opening and closing application windows each time. AltDesk keeps your Desktop clean and saves your time. The program's look can be changed by applying skins. Details
Price: $15 (US)
Updated: 9/22/2006
Rated: 0
Downloads: 228
Size: 0.81Mb
Desktop : Desktop Management
The Desktop Information and Animation Center. Replace your Wallpaper with a Calendar, Websearch Tools or Browsers, shuffling through playlists of websites. Admire a stunning Earth Simulation, thousands of Webcams, Slideshows or unique combinations. Details
Price: $24.95 (US)
Updated: 3/16/2016
Rated: 0
Downloads: 236
Size: 35Mb
Desktop : Desktop Management
SemTop! is a nifty tool that allows to keep important windows always on top of the desktop and doesn't allow other windows to overlap it. Details
Price: $14 (US)
Updated: 2/20/2004
Rated: 0
Downloads: 208
Size: 294 Mb
Desktop : Desktop Management
Workshelf is a powerful and intuitive desktop organization tool that allows you to arrange frequently used files, folders and applications into their own groups and categories, providing quick access without disrupting your work environment. Details
Price: $29.95 (US)
Updated: 1/11/2004
Rated: 0
Downloads: 264
Size: 3967 Mb
Desktop : Desktop Management
Close All Windows (Window Closer)
The 'Close all Windows' tool automatically removes all the many windows accumulated during working on the PC. The "Window Closer" resides in the system tray (next to clock). Additional function: Clipboard cleaner (removes formats from the Clipboard). Details
Price: $12 (US)
Updated: 9/29/2014
Rated: 0
Downloads: 285
Size: 1.49Mb
Desktop : Desktop Management
Multi Screen Emulator for Windows
MSEW allows you to create and configure up to 8 virtual screens to simplify switching between different tasks. Switching of virtual screens is performed by using the MSEW panel or by hot keys. Details
Price: $14.99 (US)
Updated: 6/18/2005
Rated: 0
Downloads: 91
Size: 0.74Mb
Desktop : Desktop Management
Actual Window Manager
Have problems with organizing windows? Unwind and click now for a free-to-try window control enhancer! Choose Minimize to Tray control or Stay on Top tool to have access to the selected windows at any moment of time. Download FREE trial version now! Details
Price: $39.95 (US)
Updated: 6/10/2005
Rated: 0
Downloads: 157
Size: 2.01Mb
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#7 AltDesk 228
#8 Window Hide Tool 212
#9 Aqua 3D Screensaver 211
#10 Desktop Magnifier 182
#11 SE-DesktopApps 182
#12 Screen Privacy 174
#13 Rohos Welcome 157
#14 Actual Window Guard 129
#15 Aston 128



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