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E-mail : E-mail Processing
Round-Robin Mailer
Does your company have a sales staff? Do you have leads arriving by email? If so, you probably need a solution that distributes those leads promptly, reliably, and fairly to your staff. Round-Robin Mailer is designed to do exactly that. Details
Price: $59 (US)
Updated: 6/7/2012
Rated: 0
Downloads: 252
Size: 8Mb
e-mail : E-mail Processing
FastTrackMail is very fast email program for people who get huge amounts of correspondence. The software also features the ability to personalize mail distribution for a large number of recipients. Details
Price: $29.95 (US)
Updated: 11/25/2003
Rated: 0
Downloads: 199
Size: 2300 Mb
E-mail : E-mail Processing
eMail Verifier (Maxprog)
eMail Verifier is a powerful e-mail checking tool to verify your customers e-mail addresses from your mailbox or contact files. Details
Price: $30 (US)
Updated: 10/17/2006
Rated: 0
Downloads: 237
Size: 1.6Mb
E-mail : E-mail Processing
SendMail is a versatile program for send files by EMail on timer Details
Price: $50 (US)
Updated: 1/24/2004
Rated: 0
Downloads: 317
Size: 1200 Mb
E-mail : E-mail Processing
Bells & Whistles for Outlook
Bells & Whistles for Outlook helps users to quickly handle and track emails, by automatically creating personalized email reply greetings, subject tracking IDs, reply counters, text templates, easy mail merge sessions and many more ! Details
Price: $19.95 (US)
Updated: 10/14/2004
Rated: 0
Downloads: 60
Size: 2.75Mb
E-mail : E-mail Processing
FastTrackMail Lite
FastTrackMail Lite offers a new, simple and very convenient interface for processing e-mail and it's a powerful email management tool with features to increase your productivity and enhance your communications. Details
Price: $0 (US)
Updated: 12/14/2004
Rated: 0
Downloads: 125
Size: 1.77Mb
E-mail : E-mail Processing
ResponseMailer Email Processor
ResponseMailer Email Processor checks the contents of your incoming emails to determine how to reply to it. It can extract email data and save it to a database. Reduce the time you spend to answer and follow-up on emails. Details
Price: $49.99 (US)
Updated: 1/17/2005
Rated: 0
Downloads: 124
Size: 1.14Mb
E-mail : E-mail Processing
Mail Tracking
Certified email with delivery receipts, silent tracking, proof-of-opening history, security and timestamps. Users get free return email notifications when email they've sent gets opened, and can track their emails reading history Details
Price: $24 (US)
Updated: 7/24/2005
Rated: 0
Downloads: 106
Size: 0.18Mb
E-mail : E-mail Processing
LiteMail is an easy to use mail server with mail forwarding, SMTP Authentication, and a catch-all address for each domain. Details
Price: $19.95 (US)
Updated: 8/25/2005
Rated: 0
Downloads: 140
Size: 1.2Mb
E-mail : E-mail Processing
eMail Verifier
eMail Verifier is a powerful e-mail checking tool to verify your customers e-mail addresses from your mailbox or contact files. Details
Price: $30 (US)
Updated: 4/25/2006
Rated: 0
Downloads: 103
Size: 1.3Mb
E-mail : E-mail Processing
Turbo Email Answer & Autoresponder
Speeds up interactive email answering by smart text templates and also enables selective auto-responding and forwarding. Puts reusable text snippets at your fingertips. Integrates with MS Outlook, Outlook Express, MAPI clients, POP/SMTP, IMAP. Details
Price: $49.90 (US)
Updated: 10/19/2004
Rated: 0
Downloads: 101
Size: 1.62Mb
E-mail : E-mail Processing
Mail Redirect
Mail Redirect - is easy to use mail redirecting utility that allows you to retrieve mail from POP3 mailboxes and distribute this mail to one or multiple destination addresses by SMTP. Details
Price: $15 (US)
Updated: 6/7/2004
Rated: 0
Downloads: 71
Size: 389 Mb
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# Blue-Cloner
#1 Chrysanth Mail Manager 1312
#2 Spam Bully 2.0 for Outlook 2000/2002/2003 814
#3 Atomic Email Hunter 607
#4 GRSoftware Email Robot 462
#5 Outlook Express BackUp Expert 424
#6 Quick Mail Sort 424
#7 G-Lock SpamCombat 388
#8 SendMail 317
#9 MailCOPA Email Software 317
#10 Mailing List Deluxe 313
#11 MaxBulk Mailer 307
#12 eMail Bounce Handler 299
#13 SPAMfighter Pro 297
#14 Nesox Email Marketer Business Edition 296
#15 Nesox Email Marketer Personal Edition 295



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