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Games : Science Fiction
You have to liberate your planet system from alien invasion using your spacefighter. Player can obtain various extra-weapons and special abilities by destroying enemy cyborgs, fighters and motherships. Each planet has its own cyborgs and bosses. Details
Price: $19.99 (US)
Updated: 1/27/2005
Rated: 0
Downloads: 248
Size: 10774Mb
Games : Science Fiction
Take control of the 'X52-ArkLight', a powerful spaceship and your homeworld's last chance of freedom. Fly through 50 levels (500+ screens), blasting a path through the Krainian Empire's blockades. ArkLight takes Arkanoid to a whole new world ! Details
Price: $19.95 (US)
Updated: 5/4/2006
Rated: 0
Downloads: 259
Size: 5.3Mb
Games : Science Fiction
Void War
Intense Multiplayer and Single-Player 3D Space Combat Action! Take to the skies in one of six unique space combat fighters, battling for supremacy in and around space stations, asteroid belts, and bizarre space phenomena! Details
Price: $19.95 (US)
Updated: 8/9/2010
Rated: 0
Downloads: 134
Size: 10.54Mb
Games : Science Fiction
Active Harem
Active Harem is a free game that will build for you the lady of your dreams. Active Harem game objective is simple: answer the quiz questions and Dr. Alstein will build the dream girl for you choosing one of the top models from the harem! Details
Price: $0 (US)
Updated: 5/9/2008
Rated: 0
Downloads: 145
Size: 0.51Mb
Games : Science Fiction
BattleStar 2000
BattleStar is a small single-player game similar to the classic BattleShip. The BattleStar game board is a 9x9x9 grid representing a 3-D galaxy. The galaxy contains 927 sectors, 60 of which contain enemy warships. Details
Price: $25.00 (US)
Updated: 12/11/2003
Rated: 0
Downloads: 291
Size: 0.46 Mb
Games : Science Fiction
Arcadrome : Space Stalker
Perfect 3D arcade game. 100 levels, dashing fight, excellent graphic, incredible sound tracks. The monsters are guileful and numerous but your weapons are strong and your courage is unlimited. Be careful! Arcadrome is a very addictive place. Details
Price: $17.95 (US)
Updated: 10/30/2003
Rated: 0
Downloads: 96
Size: 3.25 Mb
Games : Science Fiction
Willy In Space 3D
Welcome to the wonderful world of Space. Willy In Space 3D is an amazing 3D arcade puzzle game. It is an Isometric Arcade. 99 different levels to solve! Each requires your full attention, memory skills, fast fingers and a fast mind! Details
Price: $14.95 (US)
Updated: 9/23/2004
Rated: 0
Downloads: 207
Size: 3.57Mb
Games : Science Fiction
Space Taxi 2
A Sequel to the popular Commodore 64 game. In Space Taxi you pick up and deliver a variety of funny passengers like robots, aliens, and old men. Game features many futuristic settings with obstacles like meteor showers, black holes, and monsters. Details
Price: $19.95 (US)
Updated: 12/29/2004
Rated: 0
Downloads: 149
Size: 9.1Mb
Games : Science Fiction
Arydox: Project Golden Hawk
Jump into your space fighter codenamed 'Golden Hawk' and pilot it through a challenging universe where only the strongests survive! Features: high quality (raytraced) graphics, CD quality music and 18 levels of adrenaline pumping action. Details
Price: $19.95 (US)
Updated: 12/30/2004
Rated: 0
Downloads: 118
Size: 10.64Mb
Games : Science Fiction
You have probably played other brick-breaker games before, but none like Alienoid! It's a guarantee! Simple controls and non-violent game play that make sure the entire family can participate. Details
Price: $19.95 (US)
Updated: 1/8/2005
Rated: 0
Downloads: 98
Size: 3.15Mb
Games : Science Fiction
Age Of Robots
Age Of Robots is an action game in the year 2015 where you control a modular robot. Your purpose is to destroy the evil minded robots who have taken control of the world. As you pass through harder missions, your robot turns into a complex machine. Details
Price: $19.95 (US)
Updated: 3/6/2005
Rated: 0
Downloads: 89
Size: 2.8Mb
Games : Science Fiction
Zzed is a new type of puzzler-shooter games that require quick thinking, good reaction and excellent stress management skills. If space waste management carrier sounds good to you (I promise, itís fun), then download Zzed and start busting away. Details
Price: $19.95 (US)
Updated: 3/28/2005
Rated: 0
Downloads: 94
Size: 10.23Mb
Games : Science Fiction
I of the Enemy: Ril'Cerat
I of the Enemy: Ril'Cerat is a totally free, stand alone, science fiction real-time starategy game, that is the first chapter in the "I of the Enemy" saga. Details
Price: $0 (US)
Updated: 4/28/2005
Rated: 0
Downloads: 88
Size: 67.28Mb
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