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Educational : Science
Snake Eye Vision
The program simulates vision of the snake eye and demonstrates why the snake is unable to see you when you have stopped moving. The program requires video capture device (e.g. web camera). Details
Price: $0 (US)
Updated: 7/12/2006
Rated: 0
Downloads: 165
Size: 0.66Mb
Educational : Science
Two Channels Frequency Generator
Allows independent control of frequency,phase and volume on left and right channels.Measured data points can be easily captured for storage and later statistical analysis.The perfect tool for psychophysics and psycho-acoustics laboratory experiments Details
Price: $0 (US)
Updated: 7/12/2006
Rated: 0
Downloads: 162
Size: 0.47Mb
Educational : Science
Open, edit, save, convert to xml NetCDF files in Windows environment. The NetCDF binary format is broadly used for saving experiment information and usage in multiplatform environment. Details
Price: $24.95 (US)
Updated: 2/16/2007
Rated: 0
Downloads: 130
Size: 0.37Mb
Educational : Science
Thermophysical Database - Thermo-Prop
Thermo-Prop database for Windows is the outcome of extensive work carried out on the development of sound, accurate, experimentally and physically based models for materials properties of aluminium, copper and ferrous alloys. Details
Price: $290.00 (US)
Updated: 1/9/2015
Rated: 0
Downloads: 113
Size: 1.91Mb
Educational : Science
Atoms, Symbols and Equations
Unique interactive multimedia Chemistry teaching software that tests students as they learn. Topics include: elements, atoms and molecules, word equations, chemical symbols, Periodic Table, chemical formulas, balancing chemical equations. Details
Price: $24 (US)
Updated: 4/20/2012
Rated: 0
Downloads: 182
Size: 696 Mb
Educational : Science
Astro-Mania is an educational game covering the Universe. It has eight levels and let's you choose what subject area you want to cover. Its great pictures and ease of use makes it not only educational but also fun. Details
Price: $$14.99 (US)
Rated: 0
Downloads: 138
Size: 1 Mb
Educational : Science
LeoCrystal is an application for performing modeling of reaction on the surface of crystal for educational and research purposes. Details
Price: $64.45 (US)
Updated: 11/6/2004
Rated: 0
Downloads: 66
Size: 0.44Mb
Educational : Science
Solar Journey
Have you ever been curious about the solar system, or wanted to know more about the sky above us? Why does the sun shine? Why does the moon seem to change shape? What are black holes? Solar Journey answers these questions and more! Details
Price: $25 (US)
Updated: 12/17/2004
Rated: 0
Downloads: 86
Size: 7.45Mb
Educational : Science
BATE calculates pH of solutions containing mixtures of acid and base with up to 4 dissociation steps and titration curves for these acids and bases. Ionic strentgh calculations included. Built-in database of common weak acids and bases. Details
Price: $40 (US)
Updated: 2/10/2005
Rated: 0
Downloads: 104
Size: 0.35Mb
Educational : Science
CASC calculates recipes for solution preparation and converts concentrations automatically taking density changes into account thanks to built in database of substances. It also helps in dilution and mixed solutions calculations. Details
Price: $60 (US)
Updated: 4/29/2005
Rated: 0
Downloads: 116
Size: 0.4Mb
Educational : Science
3D Chemical Elements ScreenSaver
Have you ever imagined the smallest bricks of the Universe - all that atoms with their protons, neutrons, electrons and quarks? With this 3D Screensaver you have the unique opportunity to see how they look like in reality with amazing visual effects. Details
Price: $19.95 (US)
Updated: 4/19/2006
Rated: 0
Downloads: 157
Size: 3.9Mb
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